If you are not a russian citizen and you are to come to the event from abroad most likely you need a visa to enter Russia.

We are ready to help you with the paperwork (invitation and voucher) that are needed for a visa application. The invitation and voucher normally cost 1000 rubles (about 15 euro) when provided by an agency.

We recommend you to apply for a tourist visa type, as it's the easiest to get. You can do it through a tourist agency in your home town, or apply directly to the Russian consulate (or visa center) in your country, for which you'll need a tourist voucher (which is an invitation from the hotel). With the voucher and invitation you you can apply for your visa. Note that the voucher is not the visa. It may take 10 -14 days to get the visa issued.
For the visa fee please check with the Russian visa center (consulate).

We hate all this bureaucracy, but can do nothing about it :-)