Material for classes is structured in a way to make it more challenging one by one. If you're completely comfortable with social dancing to blues music in a variety of styles and tempos, you might start with Sunday Classes but we recommend to take both Saturday and Sunday passes to get more inspiration and a real blues workout  :-) Don't miss a thing !




Spice Up Your Blues (Solo)

Build your solo blues vocabulary and find your own style while doing so!

It’s The Way That You Do It (Solo)

Quality of movement from balance to flow - be a stronger dancer, be a stronger partner!


Open-ended leading and inspiring following. Plus lots of flow between partners!

Core to Core

Learn how to lead and follow from your core to create dynamic movements with your partner

Four Cs

Create seamlessly elegant and absolutely comfortable close embrace connection

Slow Chicago Blues Groovin’

Use your entire body from chest to hips to fill in the gaps when the music gets really slow!

Blues Musicality

What is blues music? Learn how to show your understanding of the music in your dance

Fast & Party Blues

Find out what to do when the blues gets fast so that you can party through the night!


Spice Up Your Blues!

Explore the core movements and body isolations of vintage Solo Blues and Jazz! This will give you a whole new bag of spices to use while improving your body awareness, posture and balance - all while being more musical overall.

And if you can do it by yourself, you can do it with a partner!



Blues dancing really allows us to open up as individuals and within a partnership. But how do we express ourselves without derailing our partner? In this class we're going to tackle some of the essential concepts in blues dancing like grounded movement and continuous flow, and work them hard within the partnership, focusing on building and re-directing momentum in a way that creates opportunities for expression. Expect to drill your pass-bys, send-outs and moves yet to be named that will give both leads and follows the tools to squeeze every last drop of goodness out of your blues!


The Four Cs

An essential part of blues dancing is dancing in close embrace. So let’s take our blues to the ballroom and work on contra-body movement, core engagement, confidence and commitment in order to create energetic and seamlessly smooth connection! With the four Cs tucked away in your bag of tricks you’ll be able to pull off some great feeling dips and tricks that will put a cherry (and maybe some crushed nuts) on top of your ballroomin’ blues ice cream!


Blues Musicality

In this class we open our ears and throw ourselves into the structure of the blues. We'll explore the underlying framework and call & response dynamics that are pervasive in blues music and incorporate them into our dance. Emphasizing on individual dancemanship in partner communication you'll find whole new levels of inspiration in the music at the same time as making the DJs and musicians that play for you reach even deeper.


It's the Way That You Do It

Pop quiz... What's more important in blues than the moves you do? Well, you guessed it! It's time to really get down to the nitty gritty of blues: high quality movement. You'll emerge armed with ideas on how to master your own core movement, with balance and groundedness to die for and with so much flow it'll make the Mississippi jealous.


Core to Core

Let your core do the talking and learn how to get really comfortable with your partner in open position. Once your and your partner’s core are beyond the chit chat phase, let’s use their excellent connection to create explosions of dynamic rotations and redirections together, for when the blues goes wild and crazy.


Slow Chicago Blues Groovin’

Can you dance reaaaal slow? Stepping in rhythm alone just won’t do the trick when singer and guitarist are having a slow off. Fill the space in the music by adding layers of upper body movement and extra hip action and learn how to express the dynamic structure of a song.


Fast Party Blues

So you love raw, hard-hitting party blues with some serious Oomph but don't quite know how to match your body movement to the music? Fear not, in this class we’ll get the blues low down ‘n gritty! We’ll cover lots of fast blues vocabulary, season it with transition ideas, add some communication technique and twist like we did last summer. Make it all your own, great blues party from head to toe!